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Chadwick: Software Tools for Game-Level Baseball Data

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cwevent: Expanded event descriptor

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Command-line tools

Chadwick provides the following command-line programs for extracting information from Retrosheet play-by-play event files:

  • cwevent, an expanded event descriptor, which replaces and extends the DiamondWare program BEVENT.
  • cwgame, a game information extractor, which replaces and extends the DiamondWare program BGAME.
  • cwbox, a boxscore generator, which replaces and extends the DiamondWare program BOX.
  • cwsub, which extracts information about in-game player substitutions. This program is unique to Chadwick.
  • cwcomment, which extracts comment fields from event files. This program is unique to Chadwick.

This documentation is intended to be read in conjunction with the materials provided by Retrosheet summarizing the contents of play-by-play files and operation of the DiamondWare versions of these tools. The Chadwick documentation focuses on filling in gaps in the Retrosheet documentation, and on detailing Chadwick-specific extensions the toolset.

Command-line options

Each of the command-line tools shares a common set of options controlling their behavior. These are detailed in the following table.

Common command-line options and their effects
Switch Description
-a Generate ASCII comma-delimited files (default)
-d Print a list of the available fields and descriptions (for use with -f)
-e mmdd The latest date to process (inclusive)
-f flist List of fields to output. The default list can be viewed with -h; the list of available fields can be viewed with -d
-ft Generate FORTRAN format files.
-h Prints description and usage information for the tool.
-i *gameid* Only process the game with ID gameid
-n If in ASCII mode (the default), the first row of the output is a comma-separated list of column headers.
-s mmdd The earliest date to process (inclusive)
-y Specifies the year to use (four digits)