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cwgame: Game information extractor

cwgame is a command-line tool which extracts summary information about each game in the data file. These fields are grouped into two categories. There are 83 fields which are compatible with the Retrosheet BGAME game descriptor tool. These are specified using the -f command-line flag. In addition, cwgame offers a number “extended” fields which expand upon or give more detailed information not easily accessed via the standard fields. These are are specified using the -x command-line flag. Many of these extended fields are defined to match fields which appear in the Retrosheet gamelogs.


cwgame guarantees that the standard field numbers will match those used by BGAME. Standard field numbers therefore can be treated as stable, and it should be safe to write scripts referring to them. Extended fields are provisional, and extended fields may be added or withdrawn in future versions. Extended fields are assigned numbers to maintain a logical cohesion, with related fields being grouped. Therefore, extended field numbers are not promised to be stable. It is recommended to use the field labels instead in writing scripts to process the output of cwgame extended fields.

The following table gives the contents of each of the 84 fields cwgame outputs.

cwgame standard field numbers
Field number Description Header
1 Date GAME_DT
2 Game number GAME_CT
3 Day of week GAME_DY
4 Start time START_GAME_TM
5 DH used flag DH_FL
6 Day/night flag DAYNIGHT_PARK_CD
7 Visiting team AWAY_TEAM_ID
8 Home team HOME_TEAM_ID
9 Game site PARK_ID
10 Visitors starting pitcher AWAY_START_PIT_ID
11 Home starting pitcher HOME_START_PIT_ID
12 Home plate umpire BASE4_UMP_ID
13 First base umpire BASE1_UMP_ID
14 Second base umpire BASE2_UMP_ID
15 Third base umpire BASE3_UMP_ID
16 Left field umpire LF_UMP_ID
17 Right field umpire RF_UMP_ID
18 Attendance ATTEND_PARK_CT
22 Input time INPUT_RECORD_TS
23 Edit time EDIT_RECORD_TS
24 How scored METHOD_RECORD_CD
25 Pitches entered PITCHES_RECORD_CD
26 Temperature TEMP_PARK_CT
27 Wind direction WIND_DIRECTION_PARK_CD
28 Wind speed WIND_SPEED_PARK_CT
29 Field condition FIELD_PARK_CD
30 Precipitation PRECIP_PARK_CD
32 Time of game MINUTES_GAME_CT
33 Number of innings INN_CT
34 Visitor final score AWAY_SCORE_CT
35 Home final score HOME_SCORE_CT
36 Visitor hits AWAY_HITS_CT
37 Home hits HOME_HITS_CT
38 Visitor errors AWAY_ERR_CT
39 Home errors HOME_ERR_CT
40 Visitor left on base AWAY_LOB_CT
41 Home left on base HOME_LOB_CT
42 Winning pitcher WIN_PIT_ID
43 Losing pitcher LOSE_PIT_ID
45 Game-winning RBI GWRBI_BAT_ID
46 Visitor batter 1 AWAY_LINEUP1_BAT_ID
47 Visitor batter 1 position AWAY_LINEUP1_FLD_CD
48 Visitor batter 2 AWAY_LINEUP2_BAT_ID
49 Visitor batter 2 position AWAY_LINEUP2_FLD_CD
50 Visitor batter 3 AWAY_LINEUP3_BAT_ID
51 Visitor batter 3 position AWAY_LINEUP3_FLD_CD
52 Visitor batter 4 AWAY_LINEUP4_BAT_ID
53 Visitor batter 4 position AWAY_LINEUP4_FLD_CD
54 Visitor batter 5 AWAY_LINEUP5_BAT_ID
55 Visitor batter 5 position AWAY_LINEUP5_FLD_CD
56 Visitor batter 6 AWAY_LINEUP6_BAT_ID
57 Visitor batter 6 position AWAY_LINEUP6_FLD_CD
58 Visitor batter 7 AWAY_LINEUP7_BAT_ID
59 Visitor batter 7 position AWAY_LINEUP7_FLD_CD
60 Visitor batter 8 AWAY_LINEUP8_BAT_ID
61 Visitor batter 8 position AWAY_LINEUP8_FLD_CD
62 Visitor batter 9 AWAY_LINEUP9_BAT_ID
63 Visitor batter 9 position AWAY_LINEUP9_FLD_CD
64 Home batter 1 HOME_LINEUP1_BAT_ID
65 Home batter 1 position HOME_LINEUP1_FLD_CD
66 Home batter 2 HOME_LINEUP2_BAT_ID
67 Home batter 2 position HOME_LINEUP2_FLD_CD
68 Home batter 3 HOME_LINEUP3_BAT_ID
69 Home batter 3 position HOME_LINEUP3_FLD_CD
70 Home batter 4 HOME_LINEUP4_BAT_ID
71 Home batter 4 position HOME_LINEUP4_FLD_CD
72 Home batter 5 HOME_LINEUP5_BAT_ID
73 Home batter 5 position HOME_LINEUP5_FLD_CD
74 Home batter 6 HOME_LINEUP6_BAT_ID
75 Home batter 6 position HOME_LINEUP6_FLD_CD
76 Home batter 7 HOME_LINEUP7_BAT_ID
77 Home batter 7 position HOME_LINEUP7_FLD_CD
78 Home batter 8 HOME_LINEUP8_BAT_ID
79 Home batter 8 position HOME_LINEUP8_FLD_CD
80 Home batter 9 HOME_LINEUP9_BAT_ID
81 Home batter 9 position HOME_LINEUP9_FLD_CD
82 Visitor finishing pitcher AWAY_FINISH_PIT_ID
83 Home finishing pitcher HOME_FINISH_PIT_ID
cwgame extended field numbers
Field number Description Header
0 visiting team league AWAY_TEAM_LEAGUE_ID
1 home team league HOME_TEAM_LEAGUE_ID
2 visiting team game number AWAY_TEAM_GAME_CT
3 home team game number HOME_TEAM_GAME_CT
4 length of game in outs OUTS_CT
5 information on completion of game COMPLETION_TX
6 information on forfeit of game FORFEIT_TX
7 information on protest of game PROTEST_TX
8 visiting team linescore AWAY_LINE_TX
9 home team linescore HOME_LINE_TX
10 visiting team AB AWAY_AB_CT
11 visiting team 2B AWAY_2B_CT
12 visiting team 3B AWAY_3B_CT
13 visiting team HR AWAY_HR_CT
14 visiting team RBI AWAY_BI_CT
15 visiting team SH AWAY_SH_CT
16 visiting team SF AWAY_SF_CT
17 visiting team HP AWAY_HP_CT
18 visiting team BB AWAY_BB_CT
19 visiting team IBB AWAY_IBB_CT
20 visiting team SO AWAY_SO_CT
21 visiting team SB AWAY_SB_CT
22 visiting team CS AWAY_CS_CT
23 visiting team GDP AWAY_GDP_CT
24 visiting team reach on interference AWAY_XI_CT
25 number of pitchers used by visiting team AWAY_PITCHER_CT
26 visiting team individual ER allowed AWAY_ER_CT
27 visiting team team ER allowed AWAY_TER_CT
28 visiting team WP AWAY_WP_CT
29 visiting team BK AWAY_BK_CT
30 visiting team PO AWAY_PO_CT
31 visiting team A AWAY_A_CT
32 visiting team PB AWAY_PB_CT
33 visiting team DP AWAY_DP_CT
34 visiting team TP AWAY_TP_CT
35 home team AB HOME_AB_CT
36 home team 2B HOME_2B_CT
37 home team 3B HOME_3B_CT
38 home team HR HOME_HR_CT
39 home team RBI HOME_RBI_CT
40 home team SH HOME_SH_CT
41 home team SF HOME_SF_CT
42 home team HP HOME_HP_CT
43 home team BB HOME_BB_CT
44 home team IBB HOME_IBB_CT
45 home team SO HOME_SO_CT
46 home team SB HOME_SB_CT
47 home team CS HOME_CS_CT
48 home team GDP HOME_GDP_CT
49 home team reach on interference HOME_XI_CT
50 number of pitchers used by home team HOME_PITCHER_CT
51 home team individual ER allowed HOME_ER_CT
52 home team team ER allowed HOME_TER_CT
53 home team WP HOME_WP_CT
54 home team BK HOME_BK_CT
55 home team PO HOME_PO_CT
56 home team A HOME_A_CT
57 home team PB HOME_PB_CT
58 home team DP HOME_DP_CT
59 home team TP HOME_TP_CT
60 home plate umpire name UMP_HOME_NAME_TX
61 first base umpire name UMP_1B_NAME_TX
62 second base umpire name UMP_2B_NAME_TX
63 third base umpire name UMP_3B_NAME_TX
64 left field umpire name UMP_LF_NAME_TX
65 right field umpire name UMP_RF_NAME_TX
66 visitors manager ID AWAY_MANAGER_ID
67 visitors manager name AWAY_MANAGER_NAME_TX
68 home manager ID HOME_MANAGER_ID
69 home manager name HOME_MANAGER_NAME_TX
70 winning pitcher name WIN_PIT_NAME_TX
71 losing pitcher name LOSE_PIT_NAME_TX
72 save pitcher name SAVE_PIT_NAME_TX
73 batter with goahead RBI ID GOAHEAD_RBI_ID
74 batter with goahead RBI GOAHEAD_RBI_NAME_TX
75 visitor batter 1 name AWAY_LINEUP1_BAT_NAME_TX
76 visitor batter 2 name AWAY_LINEUP2_BAT_NAME_TX
77 visitor batter 3 name AWAY_LINEUP3_BAT_NAME_TX
78 visitor batter 4 name AWAY_LINEUP4_BAT_NAME_TX
79 visitor batter 5 name AWAY_LINEUP5_BAT_NAME_TX
80 visitor batter 6 name AWAY_LINEUP6_BAT_NAME_TX
81 visitor batter 7 name AWAY_LINEUP7_BAT_NAME_TX
82 visitor batter 8 name AWAY_LINEUP8_BAT_NAME_TX
83 visitor batter 9 name AWAY_LINEUP9_BAT_NAME_TX
84 home batter 1 name HOME_LINEUP1_BAT_NAME_TX
85 home batter 2 name HOME_LINEUP2_BAT_NAME_TX
86 home batter 3 name HOME_LINEUP3_BAT_NAME_TX
87 home batter 4 name HOME_LINEUP4_BAT_NAME_TX
88 home batter 5 name HOME_LINEUP5_BAT_NAME_TX
89 home batter 6 name HOME_LINEUP6_BAT_NAME_TX
90 home batter 7 name HOME_LINEUP7_BAT_NAME_TX
91 home batter 8 name HOME_LINEUP8_BAT_NAME_TX
92 home batter 9 name HOME_LINEUP9_BAT_NAME_TX
93 additional information ADD_INFO_TX
94 acquisition information ACQ_INFO_TX

How scored (field 24)

This field outputs a numeric code corresponding to the medium by which the play-by-play account was recorded.

Numeric codes for how scored field
Code Description
0 unknown
1 park
2 tv
3 radio

Pitches entered (field 25)

This field outputs a numeric code corresponding to the level of pitch detail in the file.

Numeric codes for pitches entered field
Code Description
0 unknown
1 pitches
2 count
3 none


This field reports the contents of the info,pitches field in the game file. Some games with partial pitch information will have this field set to none or count.

Temperature (field 26)

The game-time temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit. The value 0 is used when the temperature is unknown.

Wind direction (field 27)

This field outputs a numeric code corresponding to the direction of the wind.

Numeric codes for wind direction field
Code Description
0 unknown
1 tolf
2 tocf
3 torf
4 ltor
5 fromlf
6 fromcf
7 fromrf
8 rtol

Wind speed (field 28)

The game time wind speed, in miles per hour. The value -1 is used when the wind speed is unknown.

Field condition (field 29)

This field outputs a numeric code corresponding to the condition of the field.

Numeric codes for field condition field
Code Description
0 unknown
1 soaked
2 wet
3 damp
4 dry

Precipitation (field 30)

This field outputs a numeric code corresponding to the precipitation level.

Numeric codes for precipitation field
Code Description
0 unknown
1 none
2 drizzle
3 showers
4 rain
5 snow

Sky (field 31)

This field outputs a numeric code corresponding to the sky conditions.

Numeric codes for sky field.

Numeric codes for sky field
Code Description
0 unknown
1 sunny
2 cloudy
3 overcast
4 night
5 dome