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Chadwick: Software Tools for Game-Level Baseball Data


Chadwick is an Open Source software project dedicated to making available a quality suite of tools for use in baseball scorekeeping and statistics collection.


Chadwick is written, maintained, and Copyright © 2002-2014 by T. L. Turocy (ted.turocy <aht> gmail <daht> com) at Chadwick Baseball Bureau (


Chadwick is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. If the GPL doesn’t meet your needs, contact the author for other licensing possibilities.


The current version of Chadwick is version 0.6.3.


The Chadwick source code is managed using git, at

Bugs in Chadwick should be reported to the issue tracker on github at Please be as specific as possible in reporting a bug, including the version of Chadwick you are using, the operating system(s) you’re using, and a detailed list of steps to reproduce the issue.


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The author thanks Sports Reference, LLC, the Society for American Baseball Research, and XMLTeam, Inc. for support in the development of portions of Chadwick. The author also thanks David Smith of Retrosheet for his always-gracious assistance and guidance.